Submit for your chance to attend our
‘Definitely Over 21’ launch party
in America’s most notorious party destination for retirees

Get ready for an electrifying new twist on your favorite flavor, ‘cause we just launched HARD MTN DEW Livewire – that’s right, your favorite MTN DEW flavor is taking things up a notch, now with an added spark of 5% ABV.

Obviously, this is a cause for celebration for those who are of legal drinking age, so we’re bringing the party to a place synonymous with all things citrus and spring break, and where the residents are definitely over 21 – Florida.

Want a chance to attend the most epic spring break bash of all time? Answer a few questions below that tell us why you deserve to win and join us for a trip down to Florida where you’ll get to partake in the epic HARD MTN DEW Livewire launch party. In addition to the festivities, the winner and a guest will:

  • Be treated to a three-day, two-night spring break stay in Florida
  • Receive a VIP invite to HARD MTN DEW® Livewire’s™ spring break launch party
  • $1,000 cash prize

Entrants must be 21 years of age to participate.

We’re sure you have some questions, and we certainly have some answers.

How do I enter to win?
To participate in the HARD MTN DEW Livewire ‘Definitely Over 21’ launch contest, eligible candidates must answer three (3) questions where prompted on To participate, entrants must be at least 21 years of age, be a U.S. resident and love HARD MTN DEW.

The submission window will be open from 9:00 am ET on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 through 11:59 pm ET on Friday, March 10, 2023. Full program rules are available HERE

How will the ‘winner’ be determined?
Qualified entries will be scored based upon imagination, originality and love of HARD MTN DEW Livewire on a 50-point scale. Each applicant will be judged based upon their responses to the submission questions.
What will the winner and their guest do while in Florida?
Participate in the most epic spring break bash of all time, of course! The winner and a guest will attend the HARD MTN DEW Livewire ‘Definitely Over 21’ launch party in Florida, alongside the Orange State’s notorious retirees. The winner and a guest will also receive roundtrip flights, 2 nights of lodging and a $1,000 cash prize.
When and where will the HARD MTN DEW Livewire ‘Definitely Over 21’ launch party take place?
The launch party will take place in Florida in late March or early April.
Where will the winner and their guest stay while in Florida?
The winner and their guest will be treated to 2-nights of lodging in Florida.
Will there be any free time while in Florida?
Yes, of course. Outside of attending the HARD MTN DEW Livewire ‘Definitely Over 21’ launch party, the time is yours to explore.
Do I have to book my own flights / accommodations if I win?
No, as part of your prize you will receive two round-trip flights to Florida and 2-nights of lodging while in Florida. Our team will work with you to book your flights and accommodations and will cover the cost of travel for the winner and their guest to get to / from Florida.

Sorry. This sweepstakes has ended! Be sure to be on the lookout for Hard Dew® Livewire™ at a store near you!